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Jialin Yan


Jialin Yan was born in 1992 and currently lives and works in Fuzhou,China. 

She is a full time product manager in IT industry and part time freelance photographer. Sometimes she also writes for some magazines and websites.

She explores self consiousness and intimate relationships through images, as well as the sensitive emotional-connection among young people. She was nominated for BOBO SNAP Young Artist Program on 2020. She is also a member Girlgaze's community. Besides, she is a co-founder of a female photography promotion plaftorm “Miroir Project” aiming to discovering and encourage young female photographers in China. 

Interviews, Texts & Reviews


  • Youth in China, Online Group Photography Exibition,Copenhagen,Denmark 2021.04
  • Most of the time I feel so confused,Solo Photography Exhibition,Ningbo,China 2021.03.06-2021.04.02
  • FeiTeng Image,Group EXhibition,Shenzhen,China 2020.11.14-2020.12.12
  • Tropical White Night, Online Photography Exibition,Copenhagen,Denmark 2020.10
  • Hide and Seek,Group Photography Exhibition,Ibaraki,Japan 2020.08
  • The night ain't over yet,Solo Photography Exhibition,Shenzhen,China 2020.06-2020.08
  • Spring Time,Group Photography Exhibition,New York,America 2019.12-2020.01
  • It is gonna be alright,Solo Photography Exhibition,Fuzhou,China 2018.10-2018.11


  • Instagram:@keykeyyan
  • Female Photography Promotion Project Instagram:@miroirproject
  • Weibo:@干炒老严



她通过图像探索自我意识和亲密关系,以及年轻人之间敏感的情感联系。她在2020年被提名为BOBO SNAP青年艺术家项目。她也是Girlgaze社区的成员。此外,她还是一个女性摄影推广项目 "Miroir Project "的联合创始人,该项目旨在发现和鼓励中国的年轻女性摄影师。


  • Youth in China, 线上群展,丹麦,2021.04
  • 大多数时候我感到很困惑,个展,宁波,中国 2021.03.06-2021.04.02
  • 沸腾的图像,群展,深圳,中国 2020.11.14-2020.12.12
  • 亚热带白夜,线上个展,丹麦,2020.10
  • 捉迷藏,群展,茨城,日本 2020.08
  • 今晡儥入暝,个展,深圳,中国 2020.06-2020.08
  • 韶光,群展,纽约,美国 2019.12-2020.01
  • 抹带也,摄影展,福州,中国 2018.10-2018.11


  • 个人网站
  • 工作邮箱
  • 微博:@干炒老严
  • Instagram:@keykeyyan
  • 女性摄影推广微博:@照镜子Miroirproject