The fate of local women in Fuzhou has unfolded in various styles in different times. However, when their stories are interwoven through time and space, they form an increasingly complete and rich picture. Women here have been fulfilling their self-awakening and identity again and again, even in the narrative of The Times, their stories have been forgotten and died out again and again.

Due to the tradition that men are superior to women, it has been a custom to drown baby girls in Fujian Province throughout history. History records, Shunzhi emperor came to the throne at the beginning of the prohibition of drowning baby girls. Qianlong twenty-four years is clearly ordered "never stop drowning female vice", Yongtai Songkou Town of the river, had experienced many such things.

Being the teacher of an emperor is as important on a historical and social level as being the teacher of a group of completely uneducated girls.

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